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Meditation and Time Perception

Meditation and Time Perception

My friend Patricia Carney posted a link to an interesting article on Huffpost, that speaks to the connection between meditation and perception of time.

As a person who is perpetually stressed, with NEVER ENOUGH TIME, who can’t slow down, this quote really spoke to me

One kind of person refuses to slow down, thinks they have too many things to do and not enough time to do it in while the other person is always ready and willing to take more on and to slow down enough to choose the way they feel and communicate. One person believes that life is stressful and hard so they are allowed to take that out on everyone else. The other knows life is stressful and embraces that as a catalyst for growth.

I have been talking about doing the Square One Facebook Challenge for months, but  have never been able to find the time.  Today, I am temporarily sidelined by a cold, and don’t want to venture into this frigid New England January day, and I don’t feel like taking down more Christmas decorations, and I don’t want to “spread my wealth” with the grocery store patrons.  So here I sit, snuggled up with Dug, my little dog working on this week’s XYP challenge for Square One… and sure enough… the afternoon is practically gone, and I feel pretty relaxed, the world hasn’t ended because I took the afternoon off.

Here’s the Huffpost article.  Its a good read.

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Some Tips for Using Micron Pens

Some Tips for Using Micron Pens

I was searching around for tips to keep Sakura Microns healthy, and came across a blog post on the excellent Tanglepatterns website.

Here is an excerpt from that article, Sakura’s response to Linda’s query as to why pens might clog or leak;

From Sakura:

Micron Care and Quality

Sakura invented Microns as an inexpensive and disposable alternative to high-priced technical pens while maintaining technical-pen quality. Microns were originally designed for fine-line technical and art drawing but their use has spread to other applications.

Micron’s best use is on paper, so non-traditional uses such as tole painting, decoupage applications, using it on canvas, decorative quilts, etc., might contribute to an issue with a bent or clogged nib.

A Micron nib may clog from use with partially dried paint or primer, wood dust, fabric dust, starches & protections on fabric surfaces and very fibrous paper. The Micron nibs are essentially “micro size plastic tubes” which allow our pigment ink formula to easily flow from the barrel to the paper. When any foreign matter clogs these tubes, the Pigma ink flow is blocked.

Microns are designed to be used at a 90degree angle, like technical pens. The smaller point sizes (005 and 01) use very delicate nibs to create the extra fine line, so they need to be used with a very light touch, no more than the weight of the pen itself. Microns require very little pressure to provide a flow of ink. If you experience a bent nib, switching to a thicker nib size, and/or using lighter hand pressure when writing, should resolve the issue.

A leak near the nib holder or ink wick could be caused by dropping, inadvertently shaking, or accidentally applying centrifugal force to the pen by spinning it in your hand.

There is also  lot of great information in the comments section

I’ve also found that the pens leak when I fly, even in the pressurized cabin.  I take Sensei’s instead, and have not had any trouble with them.

Tangling over watercolor washes and over watercolor pencil can also lead to occassional clogging.  I have a theory that it might be due to the composition of the pigments in the watercolor ground.  I will do some testing in the next couple of weeks as I develop samples for some classes on watercolor wash techniques.


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Artist Trading Card Swap ~ 53 little gems landed in my mailbox

Artist Trading Card Swap ~ 53 little gems landed in my mailbox

About a year ago, I signed up for a massive ATC swap amongst Zentangle teachers from all over the world.  Each participant was to create 52 Artist Trading cards, send them in, and receive back 52 cards from other participants.

This huge undertaking was organized by Sharon Payne of Styx and Stones.  There were over 130 participants and some did more than one deck!  Sharon and her fellow North Carolina  CZT’s met up in a mall, it looks like they took over an entire food court, and “dealt” the decks.

With permission, I share the cards!  (I will post pictures of the ones I submitted after all of the ATC’s have been distributed)

52 Zentangle ATC's Set 1

52 Zentangle ATC’s Set 1

52 Zentangle ATC's Set 2

52 Zentangle ATC’s Set 2

52 Zentangle ATC's Set 3

52 Zentangle ATC’s Set 3

52 Zentangle ATC's Set 4

52 Zentangle ATC’s Set 4

52 Zentangle ATC's Set 5

52 Zentangle ATC’s Set 5

52 Zentangle ATC's Set 6

52 Zentangle ATC’s Set 6


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