There are no mistakes, or “Don’t cry over spilled coffee”

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There are no mistakes, or “Don’t cry over spilled coffee”

When I teach A Taste of  Zentangle, the introductory class,  I tell my students “There are no mistakes, there are just new tangles”

Here is an example of an “opportunity” that occurred when my cat jumped up on my table and upended my coffee.  Luckily most of it landed on the floor and on my cat, but several drips landed on my ensemble that I’d spent a lot of time on.

I didn’t want to scrap the piece, so I decided to turn the drip into a tangle.

Coffee Inspired Tangle

Coffee Inspired Tangle

In order to make it feel at home, it needed friends, of all colors and sizes!

Zentangle Ensemble with Coffee

Zentangle Ensemble with Coffee

The lesson is this:

When something unexpected happens, and maybe a tangle doesn’t turn out quite like you might have wanted, name it, celebrate it, and give it plenty of friends!


A Newer, Smaller, Squarer, Cooler Studio: C Mill 321!

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A Newer, Smaller, Squarer, Cooler Studio: C Mill 321!

I am in the process of moving from my wonderful 5th floor studio to a smaller studio, Studio 321 down on the 3rd floor of the C Mill. My old studio was really large, and I feel like I was paying for a lot of space that I wasn’t using very effectively.

321 is a bit smaller, and a lot squarer, so classes can fit more easily into the space. And, it is right in the heart of the “Fiber District” at Western Ave. I’m next to Barbara Poole (felter) across from Wings and Roots(spinning), down from Rhinofluff(felted accessories), Julia Farwell-Clay (knitwear designer) and Friends Fabric Art.

I have moved all my stuff OUT, and culled a lot of things that I haven’t used in YEARS. Now I have a very large pile that will need to be sorted, stored, displayed, all that. I had planned to post a picture, but it is just too embarrassing…. Its hard to make a lot of progress in this heat too.

I won’t be ready to open by Saturday’s July 5 Open Studio, but I will be back up and running by the August 2 Open Studio.

Mini Tutorial ~ Variations on a Tangle

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Mini Tutorial ~ Variations on a Tangle

In this little tutorial, we take a very simple shape, “Bird in Flight”, and we repeat it, change it, morph it, and build with it, to create many variations. These are just a few of the possibilities!




New Ebook with Links to Thousands of Zentangle Related Articles

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Genevieve has been putting together weekly lists of links to Zentangle related articles for a couple of years. Here is an opportunity to have all of the links in one place. A great resource!  This is available as a downloadable ebook, with links embedded directly in it.

Pattern and Tangle Links Ebook

Pattern and Tangle Links Ebook


A Wonderful Review of the Zentangle Method

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There is so much confusion around the terms Zentangle, Doodle, Zendoodle, and its often difficult to articulate with words the differences.  This article in Psychology Today  does a wonderful job describing the Zentangle Method, and what makes it special.

Doodling, as we all think about it, has been around as long as humans have been able to make marks.  Doodling is what we do in the margins, often while our mind is trying to attend to some other task, maybe a lecture, a sermon in church, or a long meeting.   Doodling often results in beautiful abstract drawings and patterns.

Zentangle on the other hand is very intentional. It is a tool to focus attention.  Like doodling, there is no intended outcome, we are not focused on the product, so we are free from the burden of drawing something that looks like something.  Nevertheless, both Zentangle and Doodling often result in beautiful abstract drawings.

Unlike doodling, the  Zentangle Method is about the process.  When we doodle, our attention is often divided between mark making and other things.  When we Zentangle, our attention is fully focused on making marks, as a meditation exercise.

As the Psychology Today article states, the Zentangle method is a path toward focused attention, and mindfulness.


Conquering Cubine

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Conquering Cubine

Here is a different way to approach Cubine, an official Zentangle ® tangle.  This might be an easier way to learn and teach this tangle, “one cell at a time”.

Cubine Step 1

Frame it!

Cubine Step 2

Start the grid. Hint: Draw the grid at an angle to any of its sides, it looks natural, and you don’t have to worry about lining things up. Depending on the size of your space, try to get at least 4 to 6 lines in. Keep in mind that the closer your lines are together, the smaller your cubine cells will be, sometimes the effect can be lost.

Cubine Step 3

Draw the crossing lines for the grid.

Cubine Step 4`

Find a square in the middle, and put a dot right in the middle of the square

Cubine Step 5

Connect the dot to the middle of one of the edges of the square. Note, for each cell, if we connect the dots to the center of the edge, then the proportions will stay consistent. This is a good thing if the cells are not all the same size, or if they are skewed.

Cubine Step 6

Now connect that dot to an adjacent edge of the square, again, at the center of the edge. We now have blocked off 1/4 of the cell

Cubine Step 7

Now fill in that quarter of the square

Cubine Step 8

Now connect that center dot to the top corner of the square.

Cubine Step 9

Now give it lots of company!

Cubine Step 10

Shade in one of the “walls” of each cell, being consistent as to which side is shaded

Cubine Step 11
Now a little frame as a finishing touch!

Zentangle on CBS Morning ?

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Recently Zentangle enthusiasts have organized a letter writing campaign to CBS Weekend Morning.  You can check out the details at the Zentangle Website.   However these aren’t just ordinary letters!  Letters were accompanied by Zentangle and Zentangle Inspired Art.

Zentangle Inspired Envelope to CBS

Zentangle to CBS

Zentangle to CBS

Zentangle Inspired Envelope to CBS


If you would like to help spread the word, the address is

CBS Sunday Morning, Box O

524 W 57th St

NY NY 10019


The Work of John Franzen

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John Franzen

John Franzen

This guy’s work takes my breath away. I wish the video were slower and more meditative, but it is mesmerizing to watch this grow.

Please take a look at his website…

Mini Tutorial ~ Celtic Knot

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Mini Tutorial ~ Celtic Knot

I have been obsessed with Celtic Knots lately!  I’d taught a simple technique for these figures in the past, and I’ve been working to improve it,  make it easier, and more “foolproof”… While I develop this into a full blown class, I’d like to share a little mini tutorial, using the simple way to create these wonderful designs.



Here are some fancier, Zentangle Inspired Knots


Zentangle Celtic Knot

Complex Celtic Knot with Embellishment

Zentangle Celtic Knot

Zentangle Inspired Celtic Knot, Tangled in Mooka Variatons


Zentangle Celtic Knot

Zentangle embellished Celtic Knot

Zentangle Celtic not

Star of David Knot, on midtoned paper with embossed effects

Zentangle Knot
Zentangle Embellished Celtic Knot