Jean Theurkauf CZT

Jean Theurkauf is a Certified Zentangle Teacher

Jean Theurkauf is a Certified Zentangle Teacher, having completed the Zentangle Certification Course with Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, founders of Zentangle.

Jean has a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Pychology from Brandeis University. After working for many years in software engineering, she has returned to her passions… art, fiber and teaching.

I believe that every human being has the ability to create beautiful artwork.
I also believe that most people have an innate desire to express themselves creatively.
However, as we grow into adulthood, our artistic instincts are often squashed because we find that we don’t measure up to various “standards”.

  • Our teachers told us we don’t color in the lines.
  • Our lines aren’t straight
  • Our drawings don’t look like anything

Well, all of these things might be true, but they don’t mean we can’t create beautiful works of art.

My greatest pleasure is to see the moment when students look at their abstract works, which don’t look like anything, and may have no straight lines, and say “Wow! I did this! And I love it!”

I believe that if people are given the “tools” and “ingredients” (whether it be Zentangle patterns, beautiful yarns, a palette of colors), and a positive experience, that they will have the confidence to go forward and develop their own artistic instincts.

I don’t teach students to “copy” what they see, but rather to “invent” what they see.

And, the best part is, I always learn something from my students, every time I teach a class.

It doesn’t get better than that!

-Jean Theurkauf Certified Zentangle Teacher