There are a number of websites devoted to Zentangle, here are some of my favorite:




Facebook Pages and Groups


    • Square One sticks to true Zentangle… Black on white, 3.5 inch tile, shading.  No color, etc.   There are several Square One groups, focused on black tiles, Renaissance tiles etc.  The list of groups and links can be found in this file
    • For the Love of Doodling  is fun, the moderator posts links to videos every morning.
    • Zentangle (r) is probably the biggest and one of the oldest, with over 10k members.  Lots of fun stuff here, pretty much covers the gamut of any kind of line on any kind of surface
    • There are lots of facebook pages , just type Zentangle in the search

This list is updated periodically, so check back!


Youtube Channels

Zentangle Inc.

Interviews and a few tangles

Art of the Tangle


Bhumk KA Chitra