Kuretake Waterbrush


A portable waterbrush, fill it, seal it, put it in you kit, and you will always  be ready for your watercolor pencil projects

Waterbrushes are great for taking your watercolor works on the road. The barrel fills with water, and seals tightly so they don’t leak.

The water keeps the bristles moist for wetting watercolor pencil works.  They clean easily with a couple of squeezes of  the   barrel to flush out pigment residue.

I’ve tried several waterbrushes, and this is the one I like best.  The vinyl bristles are soft, and feel most like standard watercolor brushes.  The waterflow is “conservative”.. lessening the danger of unintentional dribbling.  A quick squeeze of the barrel will reload the brush.

Keep these in your kits for those little emergencies when you find it necessary to add watercolor to your Zentangle Inspired works!