Light and Shadow ~ Tangling on Midtoned Gray Papers


In this class, we will tangle on dark and mid toned papers, using whites, lights and metallics.

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By using medium toned paper, and adding areas of highlights, you can add surprising  depth and volume to Zentangle and related works.  We will explore adding lights areas as well as shadows to really  bring a new level of elegance to our Zentangles.

We will work on a midsized piece, using  toned grey paper, staying within the black and white color scheme. We will explore how to add volume and more depth to our tangles with judicious use of white “shading”.

We will also learn a wonderful new technique for adding the appearance of embossing using light and dark.

Floritanglia 20  on Tonal Paper

Here is what we will learn in Light and Shadow ~ Tangling on Midtoned Gray Papers

  • Adding highlights and shadows on medium toned papers
  • Embossing techniques using light and shadow.
  • Sepia and black effects

Included in the class fee is  a white Sakura Gel pen and white Supracolor pencil

Prerequisites: A Taste of Zentangle or a beginning Zentangle class offered by a Certified Zentangle Teacher

Students should bring: Beginning Zentangle minikit

Papers, white gel pen, white Supracolor pencil and handouts are included in the class fee. Additional supplies are available for purchase at a 10% discount during the class

All papers and tiles are included in the class price