Zentangle Kit


A delightful collection of quality components and comprehensive instructions so you can begin creating beautiful art inspired by the Zentangle method.

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When the originators of Zentangle designed their Zentangle Kit, they used quality materials. They know that whenever one creates something, it is important to use the best materials possible – out of respect for yourself and out of respect for what you are creating. Opeing up this beautifully packaged Zentangle Kit creates a space of calm, and begins the quiet practice of the Zentangle Method.

In this kit you will find

  • 34 Tiles

    Small 3 1/2 inch square sheets of Fabriano Tiepolo printing paper, tiles.

    These tiles, with their deckled edges allow you to arrange them in beautiful larger mosaics. Zentangle tiles use a mould-made, acid-free, 100% cotton, heavy-weight fine artists’ archival print-making paper with a beautiful vellum surface. Each tile is die-cut in resonance with this fine paper’s original deckle edges and enhances the appearance of your mosaics. Sized at 3-1/2 inches (89 mm) square, these tiles are designed to fit easily into small boxes to be carried with you.
  • Two Pens

    Sakura Pigma Micron 01 Black Pens

    Sakura® Pigma Micron 01 black pens were chosen because these archival pens use pigments instead of dyes to create their 0.25 mm width lines. Their ink dries quickly to a neutral pH, is waterproof, chemical resistant, not affected by temperature, light fast and permanent on paper. The Fabriano Tiepolo Tiles, receive the ink from this pen without absorbing too much and without bleeding.
  • Two Pencils

    Soft-leaded embossed pencils are ideal for drawing strings and for shading your tile.

    The pencils are 2hb lead, and come with no erasers. There are no mistakes in Zentangle, so there is no need for erasers. Without erasers, happy accidents turn into new tangles.
  • One Sharpener

    A German Kum® brand pencil sharpener.

    Handily available in the kit for freshening the pencils.
  • Instruction Booklet and Companion DVD

    Watch the instructional DVD and read the small instructional booklet and you’ll be ready to create beautiful art inspired by the Zentangle method.

    The DVD has no spoken words and just a few written words. The booklet has many tangles and strings, enough to get you started on your journey.
  • Zentangle Legend™ and Icosahedron Die

    Your kit includes a tile-sized card we call a Zentangle Legend™. It includes a Zentangle-sized card with 20 numbered and named Tangles and instructions on the back, and can be used with the twenty-sided die (icosahedron).

    If ever you’re ever stumped with what pattern to do next, or if you want to do a new pattern, just roll your icosahedron and do whatever pattern corresponds.
    Use your Legend as a quick visual reminder of tangles. Its instructions suggest ways to use it to stimulate and expand your creativity.
  • Box

    All of this comes in a beautifully crafted box, with a shell button.

    The teal box with the Zentangle Logo is easy to carry and easy to store. Shaped like a book, it contains individual compartments for all of the components.

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