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Trading Card Swaps are great wonderful ways to stretch your creative muscles. - Art of the Tangle
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A couple of years ago, I participated in a massive trading card swap. Our task was to create one (or more! ) sets of ATC sized Zentangle Inspired Artworks and swap them with 52 other CZTs. I posted images of the wonderful cards I received in an earlier post .  I received the cards on a difficult day, it was like receiving 52 little hugs.

Creating the cards was, at first a daunting, and kind of drudgy task.   But, after I got into a swing, it became an opportunity to really experiment and explore. The cards are small, so its only a small time investment for each one.  Furthermore (and this came as a surprise to me), because I needed to finish so many of them (and of course I waited till the last minute), I didn’t have time to labor over any one card.  If I didn’t like the way things were going for a card, it was easy to pitch it and start over (I know that’s not the “Zentangle way”, but its the way I work.

I also had to keep things pretty simple. I found I really like the uncluttered-ness that resulted.

Here are my 53 contributions (I don’t count well).